Trauma oil can be used for pain, bruising, wound care, muscle soreness, and arthritis. It can decrease swelling and inflammation in the body, bring comfort to those experiencing joint pain, decrease the duration of the healing process, and much more! If you have a natural first aid kit, be sure and include Trauma Oil among your primary items.

What is Trauma Oil?


Trauma Oil is a blend of three organic flowers that have been soaked in organic olive oil. The three flowers are:

  • Calendula (Calendula officinalis)
  • St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)
  • Arnica (Arnica montana) 

What is an Infused Oil?

An infused oil is a carrier, usually olive oil, that has held herbs or flowers in a jar allowing the plant goodness to infuse into the oil. If you’ve ever made sun tea, you’ve made a tea infusion. The oil that results from an infusion contains wonderfully medicinal properties of the plants that were soaking in it. The resulting product, or the infusion, can be used alone of the skin for healing, added to salves and balms or used a base carrier for essential oils. Using an infused carrier oil as a base with an essential oil is a powerful way to double the therapeutic benefits!

What Does Trauma Oil Help With?

Trauma Oil can help with a plethora of aches and pains such as:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Sciatic discomfort
  • Topical Injuries and Wound Care
  • Inflammation of Muscles and Joints

Two DIY Recipes with Trauma Oil for Pain, Bruising and Inflammation

Below are two tried-and-true recipes that I formulated many years ago for specific people.

  1. The Muscle and Joint Comfort Blend was created for a friend with arthritis with aching shoulders.
  2. The Bruise Relief Blend I created for my eldest son who has weak ankles and would often sprain them during a soccer game when he was in high school. Both blends were so successful that I sold many many bottles of each when I had my own essential oil company.

Note: Since 5% is a strong blend, you can find a dilution guideline chart on this page. I did a podcast episode on Safe Essential Oil Blending and the chart is in the show notes.

1. Muscle and Joint Comfort Blend (5%)

10 drops Birch essential oil (Betula lenta)
8 drops Black Pepper essential oil (Piper nigrum)
5 drops Ginger essential oil (Zingiber officinale)
5 drops Rosemary essential oil (Salvia rosmarinus)
3 drops Juniper Berry Essential Oil (Juniperus communis)
1 fl oz (30 mL) Herb Pharm Trauma Oil
1 oz BPA Free Empty Plastic Flip Cap Bottle 
Directions: Add the essential oils in the flip cap bottle then fill with Trauma Oil. Gently shake to mix and apply to the painful area as often as needed for pain relief.

Bruise Relief Oil Blend (5%)

10 drops Helichrysum essential oil (Helichrysum italicum)
10 drops German Chamomile essential oil (Matricaria reticulata)
5  drops Spike Lavender essential oil (Lavendula latifolia)
1 fl oz (30 mL) Herb Pharm Trauma Oil
1 oz BPA Free Empty Plastic Flip Cap Bottle 
Directions: Blend into 1 oz. of Trauma Oil and apply to the bruised area as soon as possible after the initial trauma to the area.

In conclusion, Trauma oil is a natural, effective, and affordable first aid kit item to have on hand. If you have children or live an active lifestyle, it’s especially important to be prepared.

Where to Buy Trauma Oil

Blog Post updated Nov 16, 2021

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