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Make Your Own Vanilla-Infused Jojoba

Did you know that the yummy flavor of vanilla is derived from an orchid?  Yep. Vanilla planifolia is a species of vanilla orchid that is native to Mexico and whose beans produce a high content of vanillin. It is, therefore, one of the primary sources for commercial...

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Blessing your Money with Essential Oils

For many years I sent out a newsletter to my subscribers called A Dose of Aromatic Wisdom.   The newsletter contained several categories, each highlighting some aspect of aromatherapy and essential oils.  One section was entitled 'Aromatic Explorations' where I would...

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43 Organic Hydrosols on Sale! *March 2020*

If you've been wanting to try hydrosols, this is the month! has its entire collection of organic hydrosols on sale for March 2020. No code necessary - 1oz samples and 4 oz atomizers Use the Aromatic Wisdom Institute code when you check out and get...

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