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For those of you just getting starting with essential oils and aromatherapy it can be overwhelming and confusing understanding how to make blends, what carries to use, how many drops to add to those carriers, etc.

In today’s episode, I share some simple but important guidelines to follow so you can make safe and effective blends for use on the skin. 


  • What “blending” means
  • What is a carrier
  • Two important essential oils properties
  • Why it’s important to blend
  • What is a 1%, 2%, 3% blend?
  • The correct dilution to use according to age and condition.

Enjoy the podcast; we hope it inspires you to explore what’s possible with essential oils and aromatherapy!


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Weight of Carrier 1% dilution 2% dilution 3% dilution
1 ounce carrier 5-6 drops 10-12 drops 15-18 drops
2 ounce carrier 10-12 drops 20-24 drops 30-36 drops

1% Dilution: — This dilution is used for children under 12, and seniors over 65, pregnant women and people with long-term illnesses or immune systems disorders.  A 1% dilution is also a good place to start with individuals who are generally sensitive to fragrances, chemicals or other environmental pollutants.

2% Dilution — This dilution is used on adults in good health for blends that support skin care, for natural perfumes, bath oils, and blends you use everyday or long-term.

3% Dilution — This dilution is used when creating a blend for an acute injury, pain relief or getting through a cold or flu.  Blends made at this dilution are used only for a week or two.

Neat:  Using essential oils  “neat” (meaning undiluted – essential oil without any carrier) is inadvisable except in very specific situations.  There are two reasons for this:  1) you can develop a sensitivity to the oils; and 2) many essential oils are too irritating to use without dilution.   Oils can be used neat as follows:  Small specific areas, acute situations (cut or wound, bee sting, bug bite and burn) and for short-term use.  These must be highest quality, non-oxidized oils.


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