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in the therapeutic use

of essential oils and hydrosols.


All courses are led by Liz Fulcher, a highly-regarded Clinical Aromatherapist,
Educator, Podcast Host and 33-year veteran
in the world of aromatics.

Start a new career as an aromatherapy consultant, web-store owner,
retail store owner, aromatherapy teacher, alternative health care provider
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Aromatherapy Education You Can Trust

Aromatherapy Education

Hydrosols for Health

Are you interested in learning about the fascinating aromatic waters called hydrosols (also known as hydrolats) you’ve heard so much about?

Would you like to learn how to use hydrosols in multiple ways to share with your family, friends and wellness clients? This is the course you’ve been waiting for!

Clearing Energy with Essential Oils

This self-paced training will teach you 12 essential oils for clearing negative energy and 3 simple methods of application.  You will also find 7 Blessings and Aromatic Rituals for using the recommended essential oils. 


Essential Oils for the Respiratory System

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 30 years of using essential oils, it’s that they have a powerful affinity with our respiratory system.

However, not all essential oils are indicated for the delicate respiratory system. Some are amazing and have a terrific impact on illness of the lungs, throat and sinuses, others have little impact and still others can be dangerous, especially when used with children.



Why Learn Aromatherapy with Aromatic Wisdom Institute?


Established for Over 25 Years

Over 25 years of essential oil experience, research and education as a Clinical Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Educator.

NAHA Regional Director

Served as the Pennsylvania Regional Director for NAHA (The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) for 13 years.

Thousands Taught

I’ve taught thousands of students over my 25 year aromatherapy teaching career, emphasizing hands-on experience and blending as much as possible.

World Class Education

About Liz

My Unusual Journey

My 31-year journey on this aromatic path began in Rome, Italy in 1991…

For many years I worked for the United Nations in Rome. In 1991 I had my second son, Gianluca, in a clinic where babies were massaged shortly after birth. Can you imagine? My tiny bundle was less than one hour old and the nurse was instructing me to put oil on my “neonato” and give him a massage. I’ll admit, I had my doubts. Massage? Can you do that to babies? I thought it would snap his bones or stretch him out of shape. I was assured that not only was it not harmful, but it would also be great for my little man.

The nurse handed me an unlabeled amber-colored bottle full of thick golden oil that was rich with a sweet, clean fragrance. She proceeded to show me how to gently knead and stroke my son’s tiny wriggly body and his response was immediate. He became quiet, yet alert, and made continual eye contact with me. What powerful bonding!

And that oil… Ohhh that oil!


What Our Students Say

Taking the Aromatherapy Certification Program at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute was one of the best things I’ve done for both my personal and professional development.

Liz Fulcher is a caring and knowledgeable instructor who made it easy and enjoyable to learn the chemistry of many of the oils I was already using. She supports her students before and after the course, and the boost in business I’ve received from her networking skills and mentoring in social media are well worth the investment I made in becoming certified.

I love being able to tell clients that I’m a certified aromatherapist and seeing the difference that makes in how they relate to me and my products!

Stephanie Ghostkeeper

The Aromatherapy Certification Program with Liz at Aromatic Wisdom Institute surpassed my expectations.

I entered the program uncertain on the proper use of essential oils and walked away with a knowledge base that I am using every day in my massage therapy practice.

The ACP course has given me the confidence to make recommendations to my clients that are within proper usage and safety guidelines.  The 235 hours program was time well spent as I now have a thorough knowledge of use, dilution, and therapeutic properties of the essential oils studied.  Liz had everything on hand that we needed including an amazing handbook that I continue to reference every day.   We were able to blend with dozens of oils and use accessories that I would not have had access to on my own.

I  have taken a variety of continuing education courses but found that when I study with others in a classroom and in a hands-on setting, I am more apt to retain and use the information learned.  I gained valuable insights from fellow students and Liz was very generous in sharing what I like to call “Liz wisdom”.  Liz brings a wealth of knowledge (and tons of fun) to the classroom from her 23+ years as an aromatherapist.


Mim Miller

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