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Hello my beautiful readers!

Today’s blog post is on one of my favorite topics in the world….creating a vision board! In this tutorial, you will learn about the concept of a digital vision board and how it can be a powerful tool for manifesting your Aromatherapy goals. I’ll also walk you through how to craft your own digital vision board!

So grab your favorite essential oil to sniff while reading (Lemon essential oil is great for learning!), get comfy, and let’s explore how creating a digital vision board can be a game-changer for Aromatherapists! 

What is a Vision Board?

I love to start with a definition so we know we’re all talking about the same thing!
A vision board is a powerful tool used to clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on specific life goals. It involves creating a visual representation of your goals by displaying images that symbolize the things you aspire to be, do, or have.

Essentially, it’s a personalized collage of images and often text that serves as a constant reminder and source of motivation for achieving your dreams and aspirations. I’ve used vision boards for years to obtain my goals so I know how powerful they can be in helping you realize your dreams.

The Creative Essence of Aromatherapists

One of the reasons this technique of goal setting is so effective for Aromatherapy professionals or hobbyists is our innate tendency toward creativity and visual inspiration.

Our love for aromas and essential oils doesn’t end there. It also extends to the visual appeal of beautiful bottles, a well-crafted label, and even the allure of the visual aspect of the botanical world and plants. Therefore, it makes sense that a vision board would resonate with us.

Physical vs. Digital Vision Boards

Traditionally, vision boards have been created manually, involving cutting and pasting images from magazines onto poster boards. Many Aromatherapists, myself included, are kinesthetic individuals who enjoy the hands-on process. Personally, this is my favorite way to create a vision board and you can learn how to do that in this blog post, but sometimes I want a visual reminder of my goals that can inspire me anytime, anywhere. This is when you’ll love having a digital vision board that can be accessed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone! Further, the vision board police won’t get you if you have both.

Setting Aromatherapy Goals

What are some potential aromatherapy goals that can be manifested through vision boards? Again, there are many suggestions in this blog post that is meant to be a springboard for inspiration and from which you form your own thoughts and ideas about what you want to achieve as an Aromatherapist. Whether it’s owning a collection of organic precious essential oils, becoming a professionally Certified Aromatherapist, or attending a professional aromatherapy conference, the possibilities are vast.

My Favorite Tool for Crafting Your Digital Vision Board

Creating a digital vision board involves using technology, such as computers, iPads, or smartphones. All you need in a software program that allows you to create images.  There is Canva, PicMonkey, Adobe, Photoshop, etc.

In all honesty, the only tool I use to create my digital vision board is It even has a free version!
Often I’ll work on a digital vision board right from my smart phone.  Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates how to make a digital vision board in Canva.


In conclusion, creating a digital vision board offers Aromatherapists a modern and convenient way to manifest their goals. The process remains a powerful and visually stimulating method for focusing on aspirations. So, go ahead, embrace your creativity, and start crafting your digital vision board today!


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