What do I do when my mind becomes the enemy?
When overthinking and perfectionism get the better of me?
I reach for my blessed Cedarwood Atlas
One drop on a tissue while I sit in a comfortable chair
and my churned up mind begins to slow down.

Essential Oil of Cedarwood Atlas
Cedrus atlantica

Cedrus atlantica tree in the Atlas Mountain range near Azrou, Morocco
(Source: Wikipedia)

My Personal Connection to Cedarwood Atlas

I was born in Morocco when my father was stationed at the U.S. Naval base in Kenitra in the late 1950s. From my first exposure to this beautiful true Cedarwood, I felt a strong affinity in both my heart and base chakras. I’ve often wondered if there was a connection between my birthplace and this essential oil.

Over the years Cedarwood Atlas has been a faithful friend to my over-busy mind. Sometimes it’s enough for me to simply open the bottle and inhale deeply for it to begin to calm my churned-up energy. In my years as a massage therapist, it found its way into many massage blends for clients who were anxious or had respiratory issues.

Geographical Source:  Cedarwood Atlas, also called Atlas Cedarwood, is a native tree to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and neighboring Algeria.

Plant Part: Distillation of the ‘heartwood” (trunk and branches)  The Aromatic Wisdom Podcast Episode 025 addresses how essential oils from the Heartwood of a tree can help with grief, loss, and transition.

Note:  Base

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil Characteristics: A brown and dense essential oil with a sweet aroma; it is the sweetest of all the cedarwoods. The aroma often surprises people when they inhale in for the first time, expecting the classic “cedar closet” aroma.

Chemical Families: Sesquiterpene

Therapeutic Properties:

  • Antispasmodic qualities.
  • Useful in skincare
  • I like to add it to hair conditioner when dandruff is an issue
  • Sedative for anxiety.
  • Supports the respiratory system because it has two important actions for the lungs; it has mucolytic properties (thins the mucus) as well as expectorant properties (moves it out).
  • Can be effective as a bug repellant, but in all honesty, I won’t use it that way due to the fact that it’s becoming endangered. I would use Himalayan Cedarwood for insects and save Cedarwood Atlas for its therapeutic properties to address emotional and physical issues.

Blends well with: The aroma of this particular cedarwood is sweet and resinous with a balsamic undertone. My favorite essential oils to bend with this oil are the floral aromatics and other conifer essential oils.

A Recipe Using Cedarwood Atlas
Earthy and Sweet Sugar Scrub (More scrub recipes are HERE)
3 drops Cedarwood Atlas
3 drops Sweet Orange
4 drops Ho Wood
1 ounce Jojoba Wax
1 ounce PET plastic jar
Fill the jar halfway with any sugar, add the Jojoba and stir in the essential oils. Play with the blend a little. If it’s too “wet”, add litle more sugar or if it is too dry, add more jojoba. Keep track of your exact final measurements so you can repeat the recipe!

Subtle Properties: (vibrational and energetic):  As grounding as this essential oil is, you know straight away it resonates deeply with the base chakra. Both emotionally and energetically, Cedarwood Atlas can assist in boosting self-esteem, especially when blended with Bergamot Essential Oil because of how it offers support via the solar plexus chakra.

Safety Information: In their book Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition, Tisserand and Young give no indication of particular safety issues with this essential oil.

Sustainability Status: Endangered
Source: https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/42303/2970716

For more information on the status of the Cedarwood Atlas tree, visit Dr. Kelly Ablard’s excellent blog post: Atlas Cedarwood (‘Cedrus atlantica’) essential oil: Exploring alternatives.

Podcast Episode on Aromatic Plant Sustainability: In which I talk with Dr. Kelly Ablard, Director of the Midair Institute and Expert on Medicinal Plant Sustainability  AWP 039

Where to Buy Atlas Cedarwood:  You can find all these essential oils at Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy. This is not my company, nor do I receive a commission from them. I use their exquisite essential oils in my classroom and my personal blends because of the exceptional product quality and customer service, and I love supporting businesses that trust and believe in with my readers. If you would like to get a special Aromatic Wisdom discount on all Natures Gift Essential Oils, just sign up below!

My Aromatic Wisdom Soul Collage® Card
for Atlas Cedarwood

I am one who strengthens your connection to Earth energies.
I am one who keeps you solid, centered and grounded when your head is in the clouds.
I am one who draws earth energy up, up, up filling your base chakra that you may become rooted and stable.
I am one who envelops you in a rich, sweet blanket lulling you into a deep calm.








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