What is an Allergy?

An allergy is a learned response of the immune system to something in the environment that is not intrinsically harmful.  Allergies can kick up anytime but are most common in the Spring and Autumn. The most common responses to allergies are sneezing, coughing, itchy ears and eyes, face pressure, and sinus headache.

The good news is, your allergies can improve with the regular use of essential oils! The goal of addressing allergies with essential oils is to help you feel better without turning to pharmaceuticals. Over-the-counter allergy medicine is BIG business and thought many of these OTC medications make you feel better, they do little to help your body build strong immunity and you can even become dependent on them.

There are essential oils that can help reduce sinus and nasal congestion, soothe that head pain and even calm your itchy eyes. 

My go-to essential oils for addressing allergy symptoms are:

Two Methods of Using Essential Oils to Ease Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

#1. Use a Nasal Inhaler






Benefits of Using a Nasal Inhaler: 
Nasal inhalers are effective, easy to use, and affordable. You can carry it with you and take a deep whiff of your sinus blend anytime you need to clear your head and sinus passages of congestion. This blog post goes into a bit more detail about nasal inhalers: How to Make a Nasal Inhaler 

Directions: Simply add 15 total drops of essential oil to the cotton wick, pop it into the inhaler, snap on the cap and close with the cover to keep everything clean and intact.  To use, just remove the cover and place the inhaler inside your nostril and take a deep breath!

Allergy Relief Inhaler DIY Recipe

#2 Do a Steam Inhalation





Benefits of Steam Inhalations:
Doing a simple steam inhalation can offer a lot of relief from the nasal and sinus congestion caused by allergies.  If you can, take 10  minutes 1-2 times each day to do your steam inhalation when your allergies are at their worst. It really doesn’t take long and is amazingly effective. Afterward, continue to do a steam on a regular basis once or twice a week to maintain healthy sinuses.

Directions: Pour boiling water into a bowl and add one drop of essential oil. Hold your face over the bowl and inhale deeply.  You can also place a towel over your head to create a “tent” to keep the steam in.

Five Essential Oils Recommend for a Steam Inhalation for Allergies: 

  1. Tea Tree
  2. Siberian Fir
  3. Eucalyptus
  4. Peppermint
  5. Lavender

Where to Buy Essential Oils?

I’m frequently asked what essential oil brand I like, so here are a few both with and without GC/MS reports available.

Essential Oil Suppliers with GC/MS reports

Essential Oil Suppliers without GC/MS reports

Have you used essential oils for allergies and had success?  If so, please leave a comment below and tell us about it and share your recipe!

Updated March 3, 2024
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