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Why Goal Setting Is Essential for Success in your Aromatherapy Business

In 1983 I wanted desperately to live in Europe, so I created a vision board.

It was a large posterboard in which I had glued magazine pictures of famous European capitals. I looked at it everyday, imagining myself strolling through Europe, sipping coffee in outdoor cafes and working in a beautiful office surrounded by people with accents. In reality, my dream was to live in London, but I wasn’t very specific in my goal-setting and ended up living and working in Rome, Italy working at the United Nations. Not a bad alternative, mind you. It was a magnificent 12-year experience and Rome was where I discovered essential oils. Most importantly, I met Michele, my now [very amicable] ex-husband, who gave me my two precious Italo-American sons.

So what does all that have to do with setting aromatherapy goals?

The point of my story is clarity.  The more you understand what you really want, the better your chance of having just that.

Suppose your aromatherapy goals are somewhat vague and you say, “I’ll just be happy to be working with essential oils” then you end up selling a line of someone’s else line of product when you would really rather create you own. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this scenario, but you can save a lot of resources, like time, money and energy if you know where your headed from the beginning.

Here are a few reasons to set clear goals:

  • Clarity.  When setting your goals, be VERY specific. Specificity gives you brilliant clarity, and you are much more likely to get exactly what you want.
  • Accountability. Writing down your goal gets it out of the dreams in your head and makes you accountable for it’s manifestation.
  • Action. When you create a plan to reach your goal, you have concrete actions to take to get there.
  • Motivation. Have a goal in front of you, help you keep your eye on the prize!
  • Focus. When you have a clearly stated outcome, you know exactly where to focus your attention and your energy.

How to Use the S.M.A.R.T system to set goals.

S – Be Specific. Make a clear statement about what you want to achieve. I want an income of $2,000 each month from product sales.

M – Make it Measurable. Do you currently have an income of $2,000 each month in product sales?  If not, then how much more do you need to obtain that goal?  Make it quantifiable and measurable.

A – Action-Oriented. Write specific daily actions that will get you closer to your goal.

R – Realistic. Make sure your goal is truly something you can achieve.  To say, “I want an income of $2,000 each month from product sales by next month may be setting yourselp up for disappointment. Do you really feel in your gut that it’s something you can achieve?  If not, then alter it a bit.

T – Time Based. Set a clear time frame and deadline for when each step of your goal will be achieved.

To help you get started on setting and achieving your goals in 2014, I’m sharing a downloadable PDF file with a Goal Setting Worksheet.  Enjoy and let me know about your goals in 2014!

Click the link below to get your Goal Setting Worksheet.

Goal Setting Worksheet for 2014

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I would love to a part of your success!

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