Hello Friends! I’m on my way home from a week at the beach with my family, so I asked my friend Gretchen Pritts to do a guest blog post for me. Gretchen is a social media and content writing whiz and today she’s sharing some tips on using Twitter for your aromatherapy business! Enjoy… and I’ll be back later this week! Thanks Gretchen.


Are you confused about how to use Twitter? Wondering how to add it into your business?

Ask anyone who is engaged in social media what their opinion is on Twitter, and you are most likely going to get either an, ‘I love it’, or an ‘I hate it’!

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites available, and for those who have learned a few simple secrets, they are finding success through their tweets. Yes–even those in the business of aromatherapy.

However, if you don’t take the time to implement these steps, you may be better off staying away.

4 Simple Tips on Using Twitter for Your Aromatherapy Business

1. Show your followers who you are. Often you hear the message about building your brand and showing your logo, so people get familiar with seeing it. This is true for some forms of marketing, but in social media it is not.

Make sure that your Twitter picture, on your profile, is a picture of you. Unless you are Pepsi or McDonald’s, people want to get to know you and that there is a real person behind the profile. This means no egg heads!

2. Find your people. Twitter is absolutely overwhelming without a plan. For many starting out, it doesn’t make sense and causes confusion. It is also a platform where it is essential to know your niche and ideal customer.

Whether you are looking to find customers for your products or to fill your upcoming courses, know who they are. Search for these people on Twitter by their profile or through the gurus in your industry. Aim to follow 20 or more followers a day.

3. Treat it like your baby. The one thing about social media is, if you forget about it, your followers will forget about you. Pay attention to your connections. Be sure to log in and be active at least 5 days a week. This means posting 4 times a day, at a minimum.

4. Build lasting relationships. Twitter is not hard, as long as you are treating your followers and connections like people. Social media relationships are no different then real relationships.

Make sure you are acknowledging your followers by retweeting information, thanking them for sharing your information, and just simply reaching out. This does not mean selling! Keep your product promotion at a minimum–meaning once a day at the most.

No matter if you are meeting someone for coffee or talking with them on Twitter, people want to feel acknowledged, validated, and respected.

Treat your followers on Twitter in a way that you want to be treated and you will stand out in a crowd.

Watch how fast you can build relationships and become the authority in your market. Well, go ahead, what are you waiting for??


Gretchen Pritts is a social media manager and online content writer, with a passion for connection! Whether she is meeting people face to face, or learning about someone through social media, she loves building lasting relationships!

Gretchen helps her clients build trust with their customers, by speaking their language and creating lasting relationships. She helps businesses who don’t have time to commit to their online growth, but want to reap the benefits of an online platform. You can find her at gretchenpritts.com

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