Essential Oils Healthy Respiratory System

 Show Notes

In today’s episode, Liz shares how essential oils can help your respiratory system.  She covers what therapeutic properties to look for in a respiratory-supporting oil and what those properties actually mean in terms of how they help the body.

Liz teaches the best method of application and respiratory health and finally shares her pick of six great essential oils to support health of your lungs, throat and sinuses.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show

Dilution Guide

Six Essential Oils

  • Spike Lavender – Lavendula latifolia
  • Rosemary ct. 1,8 Cineole – Rosmarinus officilanis ct 1,8 cineole
  • Eucalyptus Dives – Eucalyptus dives
  • Rosalina – Melaleuca ericifolia
  • Ravintsara – Cinnamomum camphora ct 1,8 cineole
  • Laurel Leaf – Laurus nobilis


Smell My Life

My 7-year-old grandson, Bean, with his nasal inhaler at the dentist

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