Dry, Cracked Cuticles? Here’s a Great Cuticle Butter Recipe

Here’s an easy recipe for an effective butter to soften cuticles.  It can be used with or without essential oils; however the addition of essential oils will help protect them from infection. This butter can be rubbed over your cuticles several times a day to keep them soft and healthy.

Jojoba Oil – 3 oz
Cocoa Butter – 3 oz
Beeswax – 1 oz

Essential Oils
For healing the cuticles, I recommend a total of 18 drops per 1 oz jar (3% blend) using the two oils below:
Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) – 8 drops per 1 oz jar
Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) – 10 drops per 1 oz jar

1 oz glass jars – 8
OR 1 oz flat metal tins – 8  (easier for travel)
Small scale  (a food or postage scale will work)
small bowls for weighing ingredients
glass stir rod  (I have used skewers in a pinch)

Are you ready?  Let’s make a butter!


Step 1:  Put water in a pan and place a glass Pyrex cup in the water.  Turn on the heat and let the water get hot.  You will be melting your ingredients in this glass Pyrex.  This is known as a “double boiler” or bain marie method of melting a substance that could easily burn.



Step 2: While the water is heating, weigh out your beeswax, jojoba and cocoa butter in separate dishes.



Step 3:
  Add your ingredients to the glass Pyrex cup in this order:  beeswax (let melt) then cocoa butter (let melt) and finally add your jojoba oil.

Step 4:  Keep stirring until everything is completely melted.



Step 5:  Pour the hot butter into your jars.




Step 6:  If you’re using essential oils, add them immediately and stir well.  You can put the cap on right away.



Good Idea:  You might want to keep a few jars of this butter aside, without adding essential oils.  Store them in the fridge.  You can easily re-melt a jar later and add other essential oils to it for a different therapeutic purpose.  To re-melt, simply set up your double boiler again and place your jar of butter in the water, with the cap off.   Don’t let the water boil or it might get into the jar.  The hot water will melt the butter enough that you can add essential oils, stir and cap.  Don’t forget to add a label so you know what is in the jar!

Can you think of some other ways you could use this butter recipe, besides for softening and healing cuticles?

  Leave a comment below and share your idea!


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  1. I actually have a plain salve (olive oil and beeswax) that I keep on hand just to add other EO’s to. I keep it in my bedroom and put a little butter in my hand with a drop of ginger EO, mix, and apply to my abdomen area if I wake up feeling queasy or my stomach is upset. I aslo use the salve and ad 1 drop each eucalyptus/thyme/peppermint and rub on the bottom of my feet and my chest when I feel some congestion brewing there.

    • Irene, you’ve got the right idea! I like having one blend that can be adapted to fit several issues, and your olive oil and beeswax blend sounds great!

  2. great idea, my cuticles are a mess (since menopause started ;-( i used to make an oil of jojoba, vetivert and lemon (which are great for the fingernails) but your recipe sounds richer. thanks! (i might rather take rosalina than tea tree, smells so much nicer)
    Eliane recently posted…buch über palo santo – nur heute kostenlosMy Profile

    • Eliane, that is the beauty of this recipe! It can be adapted with other essential oils. I love Vetiver and might have to add that to my own batch! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. Liz, do you have any ideas where to locate less than a gross of the tins? I’d like to try this, but may have to find another option for containers since I’m not manufacturing in quantity. Thanks for posting this.
    Sharon recently posted…Health Benefits of GarlicMy Profile

  4. I love German Chamomile, Geranium and essential oil of Rose Hip Seed in a base like yours (I need to try yours – I think the proportions will make a nicer consistency.) for cracking elbows, heels, or knuckles….

    Great reminder Liz! I have several 1 oz tins laying around…
    Tracie Nichols recently posted…Birthday Present for YouMy Profile

  5. Liz, I have same problem in winter. I love your step-by-step instructions with the photos included! Thank you for including the “where to buy” section.

  6. Hey GF, where do I get all of the stuff I need to make this? Jojoba, cocoa butter, beeswax? Tami

    • Hi BFF of PepperPot! If you’re in a hurry, you can get everything online at AromaticsInternational.com. I’ll email you with local connections near your house!

  7. Thanks for the great post. I can’t wait to try this. Such great detail.

    • Rosemary, glad you stopped by. This really is a wonderful butter – so practical!

  8. I’m going to have to give this a try but my problem really isn’t really my cuticles. A few months ago I developed REALLY dry skin on my right hand and it’s just on my finger tips and not on my thumb so winter isn’t the reason especially here in FL. Sometimes it hurts a little to straighten my hand. Any ideas? I’m still new to all this natural stuff so any information for “beginners” to expand knowledge would be great. Thank you. :)

    • I have seen dry skin on the fingertips before. There could be a number of causes. Usually it from cold harsh air, but since you live in Florida, that’s doubtful. Check that you’re not dehydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin moist. Be really careful about avoiding harsh chemicals like cleaning products and disinfectants. Even exposure to hot water can dry the skin. Does it hurt to straighten out the hands because it pulls the skin? All-in-all you won’t go wrong with a heavy butter like this and use it all over your hands. Maybe avoid adding essential oils until you see how your skin reacts to just the butter. If it’s okay, then you can add some nice Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) to your butter. I hope this helps! Of course, you could always see a dermatologist.

  9. What a great idea. I typically have a few fingers that get cracks even though I put lotion on after each time I wash my hands. Thank you.
    Sue recently posted…Love and GriefMy Profile

  10. I will try your Cuticle butter recipes. I use Olive Oil, warmed in the Microwave. I then put on my ‘Spa Gloves’ and wear them to bed. This overnight treatment really helps heal and moisturize my Cuticles & Hands, while keeping my hands warm during the winter months!

  11. Thank you for giving away Andrea’s book! xoxo

  12. I always get so inspired when reading great ideas like this. Thanks so much for the detail and pictures!


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