June 2019 Specials over at Natures Gift Aromatherapy

Wood Essential Oils!

Because woods are traditionally thought of as masculine aromas, and Father’s Day is just around the corner, my buddy Marge Clark at Natures Gift is putting retail sizes of various wood oils on sale at 10% off.

Check out these incredible wood essential oils:

AND Marge has two new wood essential oils.  I can’t wait to try them!

Would you like an additional 10% off those gorgeous wood oils?

That’s what you’ll get when you join the Aromatic Wisdom Institute below (Retail sizes only. Excludes bulk, books, and kits).


Why does Nature’s Gift give my peeps a discount?

Because I don’t sell essential oils. 

However, the essential oils I use for myself and in my classroom are purchased from a world-class supplier, and I want you to experience the same kind of excellence in the products you own.

If you’re going to take the time, energy and expense to study the art and science of aromatherapy, doesn’t it make sense that you would also use the highest quality, GC/MS tested, single-sourced organic (and unique) essential oils?  You’ll get that from Nature’s Gift. 

Here are some ideas for using your Wood Essential Oils (and others too!):

Aromatic Wisdom Podcast:   Episdoe 025:  Essential Oils for Grief, Transition and Letting Go 

Aromatic Wisdom Blog Post: Fragrant Friday Atlas Cedarwood (posted Friday, June 7, 2019)





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