Lavender Hydrosol for Burnt Mount



Have you ever burned your tongue with steaming hot food like soup, tea or a hot potato?  If so, you know how much it hurts for a day or so afterward. It can even create a blister on your tongue. 

This happened to my husband recently.

I had prepared soup and in retrospect, I now see that I served it too hot. Before I could tell him to wait a few minutes, my husband put a large spoonful in his mouth and immediately hollered! 

As he spit the soup out, I ran to get some lavender hydrosol which I then poured into a small drinking glass. I instructed him to take a large amount in his mouth and just hold it there, resting inside his mouth and on his tongue, then he spit it out in the sink. I then had him repeat this 3 or 4 times.  Because we had addressed the burn quickly, he suffered no blistering and very little pain.    

lavender on a white background isolatedIf this happens to you, remember to immediately swish UNDILUTED Lavender Hydrosol in your mouth for 1-2 minutes.  Repeat several time. 

If the burn reaches the throat, you can gargle with the Lavender Hydrosol.  It is safe to swallow so you don’t have to spit it out after gargling.
Do not do this with essential oils and water.

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