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It’s 9:00 p.m.  For the past hour, four-year-old Emma and her Mother have been in a battle of wits.  Mom has been urging Emma to turn off the light and go to sleep.  Emma refuses, sure that some unknown, unnamed scary creature comes into her bedroom after dark.   Emma’s Mom tries to reassure her daughter that she is perfectly safe but Emma just shakes her head.  They’ve been through this for the past 3 nights.

Sound familiar?  If so, don’t feel bad; this type of nighttime fear is very common in kids between the ages of 3-8, when kids have especially creative imaginations!

Instead of telling your child “There’s nothing to be afraid of”, acknowledge what they are feeling and suggest that the two of you create a “Monster Spray” to keep the scary things out of their bedroom!  This gives the child an empowerment tool to help them feel more in control.  It’s also a good lesson in facing fears, rather than trying to make them go away.

Monster Spray Recipe

  • 10 d organic Lavender essential oil (Why Lavender? For the relaxing properties)
  • A base of Spring water or Sweetgrass Hydrosol (Why Sweetgrass? You can explain how the Native American’s have used Sweetgrass for protection for centuries.  Read more about Sweetgrass in this blog post)
  • 2 oz PET plastic spray bottle (Why 2 oz plastic?  It’s light and manageable for little hands)

Tell your child that monsters hate Lavender.  If you feel uncomfortable “fibbing” to your child remember this: Those “monsters” are fear, and fear is real.  Fear hates Lavender!

Before the child goes to sleep, make a ritual of spraying their bedroom with the magical spray, and especially over the bed.  If you want to add a prayer or affirmation, this would be a good time to incorporate that.  Finally, put the spray bottle next to their bed so they can use it if they wake up in the night.

If you have a nighttime “Monster Spray” or some other empowerment tool you use with your child, please share it in the comment section below!

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