Vetiver for Grounding. Vetiver for Comfort. Vetiver for Trust.
Being an over-thinking worrywart, I love this essential oil.
Vetiver is the friend I turn to when I’ve worked myself into a mental frenzy.
One whiff of this sweet, mysterious, earthy oil and there is a renewed sense of safety.

Vetiver Essential Oil
Chrysopogon zizanioides
(Vetiveria zizanioides is a synonym of Chrysopogon zizanioides)

vetiver root

Family: Poaceae (grass)

Name Change: The accepted (official) Latin binomial for Vetiver was changed from Vetiveria zizanioides to Chrysopogon zizanioides.  Vetiveria zizanioides is still the scientific name you’ll find in most essential oil books and documents. Learn more about latin binomials in this earlier post.

Geographical Source: Vetiver is grown in the countries of Java, Reunion, and Comoros

Plant Part: The essential oil is expressed from the root

Note: Base (about as base as they get!)

VetiverEssentialOilCharacteristics: Vetiver is a very very thick and syrupy essential oil. Its color is deep brown. Her aroma is earthy, sweet, musty and mysterious and reminds me of the wet earth smell you experience in the first minutes of a summer rain.   I’ve heard it described as smelling like a damp forest floor.  Due to its excellent fixative properties, vetiver is contained in 90% of all western perfumes.

Chemical Families: Made up primarily of Sesquiterpenes, Sesquiterpenols, and the safe Ketone molecule, ‘Vetivone’

Therapeutic Properties:

  • Relaxing, sedative
  • Inhibits growth of fungus
  • Supports skin healing
  • Cooling
  • Stimulates immune function


  • Add to Lemongrass or Tea Tree in organic Aloe vera gel for skin or toenail fungus
  • Bath: 5 drops in the tub for deep relaxation
  • Massage: A nice addition to a relaxing massage, especially when adding 1 drop of Neroli essential oil

Subtle Properties (vibrational and energetic):  In India Vetiver is known as ‘the oil of tranquility’.   It’s no surprise that it corresponds with the Root Chakra and is the best oil for making you feel safe and “at home”.  Vetiver can help you connect with earth energies and restore your sense of feeling centered in your body.rootchakravector Vetiver can help you feel connected to Divine Love.



Liz’s Suggested Recipe:
Feel Safe Massage Oil
4 drops Vetiver essential oil

2 drops Jasmine absolute
1 drop Lavender essential oil
1 oz organic Jojoba wax
Repeat this affirmation:  I am secure, protected and safe. I am surrounded by Divine Love.

Safety Information: Non-toxic, non-irritating

My Aromatic Wisdom Insight Card™ for Vetiver












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