Both earaches and ear infections are common in kids under the age of 5 and can make our little angels pretty miserable.

The purpose of this post is to offer some natural remedies to help relieve ear pain and make them comfortable until you can see your Pediatrician for a proper diagnosis.

Three Easy Ear Pain Remedies

1. Ear Massage
How it’s Done
Get permission from the child to massage their ears.  They may hate the idea of being touched when they are in pain, so never assume it’s okay.

Put the oil blend on your fingertips and use a gentle circular motion around the back of the affected ear, outside the ear and on the side of the head.  I’ve done this type of massage with both my sons when they were young, as well as with my grandson, whom we call “Bean”.  It’s very comforting. Use Bean’s Earache Relief blend below.

Here is a video that might help.  She only demonstrates behind the ear, but I like to massage front and back.


2. Ear Drops
How it’s Done

Make up a bottle of Bean’s Earache Relief blend below.  With the child lying on their side, add 3 drops to the inside of the ear (make sure the blend is not cold).  Plug the ear with a small cotton ball to ensure the oil doesn’t run out.

3. Warm Compress

How it’s Done
Warmth is very soothing for ear pain.  Put a warm moist washcloth against the ear or a heating pad on low temperature in the child’s pillow case.  You might also want to give them a cuddly stuffed animal with a drop of Lavender essential oil (Lavendula angustifolia) on the toy’s body to help the child sleep.

Bean’s Earache
Blend (1%)
3 d Spike Lavender (Lavendula latifolia)
2 d German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomila)
Organic Jojoba or Olive Oil

Directions:  Add the essential oils to 1 ounce of the carrier oil.  Warm the 1 ounce bottle between your hands or by placing it in a cup of warm water.  Please test it on your inner wrist before applying it to the child’s skin.

Note:  For kids older than 5, you can make the blend at 2% dilution:  6 dr Spike Lavender + 4 dr German Chamomile to 1 ounce of carrier.

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