For many years I sent out a newsletter to my subscribers called A Dose of Aromatic Wisdom.   The newsletter contained several categories, each highlighting some aspect of aromatherapy and essential oils.  One section was entitled ‘Aromatic Explorations’ where I would suggest ways to use essential oils that range from the practical to the unusual.

In one of my ‘Aromatic Explorations’ segment of the newsletter, I offered an idea that has generated so many emails of thanks that I wanted to share it here.

Let me add that there is nothing as charged in our society as money.  People will share intimate details of their sex life before they will tell you what they earn.

The truth is, money is nothing more than a measure of energy that we exchange with each other for the use of products and services.  Money, in and of itself, isn’t evil.  It’s simply a tool, and how you use this tool will determine what impact is has on your life and the world around you. 

How to Bless Your Money

1. Get a couple of bottles of your favorite essential oils and a stack of bills in any currency and denomination.

2. Sit quietly where you won’t be disturbedPlace two drops of essential oil on each bill, and as you do this, imagine you are anointing the bills with positive energy.  Ask that this money bless everyone who comes in contact with it, and that it be used only for good.  Bless it to come back to you one hundredfold so you may continue to use it as a tool for good.

3. Place the bills in a ziplock bag overnight to infuse them with the essential oils.  Put them in your wallet the next day.

It’s that simple!

I always like to think of people’s reaction as they handle this fragrant, positively charged money.

Base notes work well as they have strong staying power; some good choices are cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, frankincense, rose, neroli, vetivert, ylang ylang or myrhh.  Basil is associated with increased prosperity so you might want to use one drop of that with your favorite.

Note: This blog post was published previously and updated on Jan 3, 2021

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