Decongesting Antibacterial Blend for Children

The Bean loves snow!

In her book, Essential Living, Aromatherapy Recipes for Heath and Home, author Andrea Butje has devoted an entire chapter to children and essential oils.

Though my own sons are grown, my 5-year-old grandson, The Bean, visits us every-other-weekend.   I use essential oils for my little man’s well-being in so many ways!  Kids respond to essential oils very quickly, since their little bodies are already quite clean and free of toxins.  Plus, it’s fun!  Bean has helped me make cleaning products and frequently chooses the oils he likes in his blends.  Now he is even telling his own parents when they need essential oils!

Here is a wonderful blend from Essential Living that I have been diffusing in the house all weekend for some chest congestion he is experiencing.  It also helps my husband and I stay healthy!

Antibacterial Diffuser Blend

To my room diffuser, I add:
2 drops Eucalyptus dives essential oil
2 drops Ravintsara essential oil
2 drops Balsam Fir essential oil


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  1. Great reminder about immune system support and winter cold/flu relief. Thanks Liz!

  2. Great post Liz, I love that you shared this particular blend because several friends who are moms of young kids have used it with great success. The side effect: when the kids are sick, this can really help keep everyone else in the house healthy!
    Andrea Butje recently posted…Aromahead Institute’s Blog/Book TourMy Profile

  3. This is fantastic information. Thanks for sharing, Liz, and the picture of Bean is adorable! Andrea, if you’re reading this, I love the blend recipe and have put your book on my 2013 reading list. I recently followed my intuition and added a bit of balsam fir to the blend in my congestion salve. The difference I see when using it on my own children is remarkable. It cleared up a nasty liquidy cough my 3 year old came down with in the middle of the night, literally by morning! I haven’t tried the ravintsara yet, but like so many other oils, I’m going to very soon. Thank you for the inspiration, and a happy, healthy 2013 to all!

    • Stephanie, The book will be a valuable addition to your growing library of essential oils books! It is also on my ACP reading list ;-) How fascinating about the addition of balsam fir…you’re intution was spot on! Your enthusiasm for the oils always makes my day!
      Liz Fulcher recently posted…Decongesting Antibacterial Blend for ChildrenMy Profile

    • Stephanie-
      I am reading this and love the addition of balsam fir-how perfect!! There is nothing better than using natural remedies for your children-so supportive for their developing immune system!
      Andrea Butje recently posted…Aromahead Institute’s Blog/Book TourMy Profile


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