Empower Your Weight Loss Journey: Use Essential Oils to Conquer Stress Eating

Stress, sadness, anger, exhaustion, or boredom can often drive us to make unhealthy food choices. But what if there was a simple, natural way to regain control and make better decisions? Enter essential oils and the power of a nasal inhaler.

1. Pause and Reflect

When you feel the urge to reach for that unhealthy snack, pause and drop your shoulders. Take a moment to focus on being aware of what you’re about to do.  Recognizing this moment is the first step to making a change!

2. Breathe in Calmness

Take out the nasal inhaler you’ve created for just this moment. In this blog post, I teach you how to make a personalized nasal inhaler. Slowly and deeply inhale the calming scent of your chosen essential oil blend. Let the aroma fill your senses and bring a wave of tranquility over you. Repeat this deep inhale a couple of times.

3. Empower with Affirmations

As you inhale, repeat this powerful affirmation:

I make good food choices, even when I feel like this.

Say it again and again, each time with more conviction. Believe in the words you are saying. This affirmation reinforces your commitment to making healthier choices.

Why It Works

Research shows that essential oils can calm the central nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. This calming effect helps you stick to your healthy eating goals, even during emotional turbulence.

In Case of Emergency: Sniff!

Just like a fire extinguisher has its own designated case, your inhaler deserves a special spot too. Please keep it in a visible and accessible place where you often feel tempted to snack. This could be your kitchen, work desk, or even your car. By keeping it within reach, you’ll be reminded to use it before reaching for food.

Your Essential Oil Blend

Choosing the right essential oils for your inhaler is a personal decision.

Opt for scents that bring you a sense of calm and comfort. This might be the perfect opportunity to invest in a luxurious oil like Neroli or Rose. You deserve the best!

Here are 11 well-known calming essential oils to consider for your nasal inhaler:

Make Your Inhaler Special

Nasal inhalers come in a variety of colors, so choose one that makes you happy!

You can find colorful, empty plastic aromatherapy inhalers online, often in packs with designer labels. Personalize it and make it a cherished part of your routine. This is a nice selection of colorful inhalers with labels. 

Empower yourself on your weight loss journey by using essential oils to curb stress eating. This simple practice can transform your relationship with food and help you make healthier choices.

Remember, you DO have the power full control your cravings and make positive changes.

So, the next time stress strikes, reach for your inhaler, breathe in calmness, and affirm your commitment to healthy eating.

You’ve got this!


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