Turtle Moon Gardens Essential Oils
Created by Denise DeSousa
ACP Graduate, 2010

Many graduates of our  Aromatherapy Certification Program, go on to create their own line of essential oils.  One of the most frequently asked questions in the business portion of the program is, “when I’m designing my essential oil labels, what information should I include?”

Since there is no formal body regulating what is written on the labels used on essential oil bottles, I suggest you follow the guidelines for good labeling practice offered by The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). On August 2, 2012, the AHPA created a new guideline policy for the labeling of essential oils sold for topical use and retail trade.

Here are some suggestions the AHPA recommends you include on your essential oil labels:

  • Common or usual name of the source plant
  • An expiration date or date of manufacture
  • The extraction process
  • Storage cautions
  • Usage instructions
  • Usage cautions

Click here to read the AHPA Trade Requirement & Guidance Policy for Labeling of Undiluted Essential Oils Used Topically and Offered for Retail Sale.

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