Do you offering aromatherapy talks or presentations?  It’s a wonderful way to market your work and so much fun!  Last year I did a post on the topic called, The Benefits of Offering Aromatherapy Talks in your Community.

Preparing for a presentation means preparing your script and rehearsing what you’re going to say,  but it also means making sure you have what you need before you head out the door.  Because I’m a visual person, I lay everything out as you see in the photo above, then check it off my list.

Below is a suggested materials list for the person not doing a powerpoint, but rather a short, informal, “What is Aromatherapy” type talk.

  • A folding table for your materials (ask if they have one)
  • A small fan to keep you cool and move the air (ask if they have one)
  • A box with no more than 10 essential oils, just the basics like Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, a wood oil, a couple of citrus oils
  • Coffee beans
  • Essential Oils to sell (ask beforehand if it’s allowed)
  • Pricelist, Receipts and small currency for giving change
  • Vase with live flowers or leaves such as mint (wrap the flowers in wet papertowels, then foil, then put in vase. Add water when you arrive)
  • Camera (make sure someone gets a shot of you talking!)
  • Sign up sheets for your mailing list or upcoming classes
  • 1 ounce Spray Bottles For longer talks (If your talk will be 2 hours, bring a small activity for them to do like make a 1 ounce room spray)
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers of upcoming events or product promotions
  • A handout of an outline of your talk or a mini explanation of what is aromatherapy (they won’t remember everything you say)
  • Water and even a snack if you need a little protein before to steady your nerves
  • NAHA brochures or AIA brochures if you are a member
  • perfume smell strips for the participants to smell the oil

Is there anything not on this list that YOU take to your talks?  Leave a comment below!


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