I bring over 25 years of essential oil experience, research and education to my work as a Clinical Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Educator.

I’ve has served as the Pennsylvania Regional Director for NAHA (The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) for 13 years. The Aromatic Wisdom Institute is recognized by NAHA as a qualified school of Aromatherapy and Essential Oil studies.

My passion is empowering others to become creatively inspired by essential oils and follow their dream of becoming successful Aromatherapists. I love teaching others what I’ve learned about essential oils, building a business and doing what you love. In the classroom, I emphasize hands-on experience and blending as much as possible because I think it’s the best way to learn. I’ve been told I teach with warmth, compassion, humor and dedication to my students. I believe that’s true.

I share my life with two dazzling sons, one mirthful grandson, four cats and one very patient husband.

Timely Support

Innovative Teaching

Advanced Blending

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Clear Communication

Announcing a New Collaboration!

I am excited to announce a brand new partnership between Aromatic Wisdom Institute and Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy! For some time I’ve wanted to collaborate with an essential oil company that specializes in a wide range of aromatherapy products. My desire has been to...

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