My favorite blogging inspiration/coach/sister blogger is the remarkable Michelle Shaeffer of  Her tagline is Building your Visibility, Voice and Community Online, and she is the lady to follow if that’s your goal.

Four times a year Michelle Shaeffer and her colleague Michele Scism host The Ultimate Blog Challenge in which bloggers are encouraged to write 31 blog posts in 31 days.

I am joining the October challenge!  WOO HOOOOOoooooo.  Gulp.


Exercise those Blogging Muscles!

Why on earth would I take on a challenge like this in when my life is already busy?  Because I am committed to getting better at writing and blogging.  It’s that simple.

Like all skills, blogging gets better with practice.  In my metaphor-loving brain, I compare blogging to a muscle that gets stronger and better as you use it.

This challenge is a way to exercise your blogging muscles and keep your momentum going.


Perfectionism is the Death of Creativity

“Hello.  My name is Liz, and I’m a Perfectionist”.   But I’m getting healthier about it.   Instead of waiting until something is perfect before I release it, I do my best, put it out there, then go back and adjust as needed.

I’ve learned that avoiding a creative endeavor until it’s perfect,  is more painful than jumping in, warts and all.


Let’s do it Together!

Anyone can participate!  Do you have an aromatherapy blog or a blog that you write for fun?  Why not join me in this round of the challenge?! All you have to do is sign up at The Ultimate Blog Challenge and get writing! The goal is to post a total of 31 new blog posts on your own blog during the month of October.

Michele recommends aiming to post once a day, but if you get behind, it’s okay to post two or three times in one day to catch up.  You just have to do 31 posts in 31 days, however you want to divide that up.

If you miss this month, you can play in the next round which begins in January 2013.


So, my goal for the next 31 days is to add one post a day, right here.

There may be a lot of photographs and essential oil recipes this month!


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