If you are in the Harrisburg, PA area This Saturday, October 13th,

Join us for the 2nd Annual SPIRIT of ONENESS Event!

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Vendors, Workshops, Food & FUN!
11 AM Amy Joy Woodward Theta Healing Concepts
11 AM Liz Fulcher Essential Oils for a Healthy Autumn
12 PM Rhonda Hess The Leader in you
12 PM Bill Stillman Spirit Gallery
1 PM Dr. Bill Levan Creating Wholeness, Moving from Health to Wellness to Wholeness
1 PM Lynn Ralston What is Hypnosis?
2 PM Charlie Goedken Life DNA activation
2 PM Rachel Wilson Chakra Balancing with do-Terra Essential oils
3 PM DK Guyer The Power of Teas, herbs, and spices
3 PM Dr. Jessica Shoemaker Naturopathic Medicine: A comprehensive approach to your health that makes a difference

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