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I’m delighted to introduce my friend Sara Holmes as a guest today!  I met Sara many years ago at a NAHA Conference and after all these years, we still connect and share.  The international Aromatherapy community has some of the nicest people I know.   Sara is a Certified and Registered Aromatherapist, a Massage Therapist licensed in the State of Illinois and teaches in the Health Professions department of Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois.  You’re going to love her message today. 

Practice what you Preach
by Sara Holmes, RA, LMT

I am sure you have all heard the saying, “practice what you preach”.  This is especially true if you are establishing or maintaining a Holistic Health practice. As an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Educator, the questions I am most often asked are:

#1. What are your favorite essential oils and how do you use them?
#2. Do you get regular massage?
#3. How do you know which essential oils to buy?

My answers are always based on my education, my truth and my experience.

#1. What are my favorite essential oils and how do I use them?
My top three favorite essential oils based on aroma would be: Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), and Sandalwood (Santalum album).  To list my favorite essential oils for massage work, pain management, meditation/energy work, emotional issues, etc., I would have to go into full lecture mode!  So we will save those topics and favorite blends for another time. However, my three favorite aromas make a fabulous anti-anxiety blend in the diffuser.  I also often wear this blend in my favorite aroma jewelry!

#2.) Do I get regular massage?
The answer is, as often as I can! I try to get massage at least every two months but it does not always happen and no one is more disappointed than me when that is the case.
  I do know aroma massage improves my mind, body and spirit health so I practice what I preach by practicing self-massage daily.

#3.) How do you know which essential oils to buy?
The answer to this question is always based on personal trust. I purchase all of my essential oils and supplies from small companies based on their field experience, knowledge base, GC/MS testing, ethical sales and caring practices.  I prefer to develop a professional relationship with those I buy my most precious commodities from!

In summary, if you are an aromatherapist, practice what you tell or teach others to do!  Live your life in such a way that there is no doubt that you are passionate about your field. This truth will follow you in everything you do and it will become apparent to everyone if you are not practicing what you preach or teach. Live your truth and blessed be!

You can find Sara here:
Website:    Botanical Healing Arts & Massage
Facebook:  Sara’s Sanctuary
You can contact Sara here:

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  1. I simply love what you wrote for #3! Thank you for sharing Sara :) -M

  2. Very good article Sara. I heard that people should get massages reguarly as it helps release toxins from your blood stream. I know after a masssage, I feel “high” as a kite so I imagine there are tremendous health benefits. PS- Lavendar smells awesome !
    Christian Spoerl recently posted…No More Razor Burn Thanks To Lola’s Natural AlternativesMy Profile

  3. Great article, Sara! I can really identify with your answers especially 2) where you give yourself permission to have therapeutic treatment to restore and revitalize YOU (since many of us in the complementary healing professions love to give to others and save little time for ourselves!)

    Thank you for sharing your favorite oils and I was in need of a new diffuser blend…sounds divine and I’ll make it up tomorrow. And, letting clients and interested parties know that the quality of the essential oils used in blends, baths, diffusers, skin care products, etc. is the most important factor. Aromatherapy is a subject needing knowledge and discernment and we are teachers of this incredible modality.

    And, LIZ!! Thank you so much for the guest speakers. I’ve followed your Newsletter from the inital posting until now and its just getting better than great!


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