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Episode Topic: Getting Aquainted | What This Podcast is About


I’m so excited to announce the first session of The Aromatic Wisdom Institute Podcast!
I’ve been planning this podcast for MONTHS with the goal of reaching more people interested in essential oils and aromatherapy and to give them another way to learn. 
I, personally, am a podcast junkie and learn so much through listening.  I can listen to a podcast anytime, anywhere just by downloading an episode on my iPhone and playing it while on a walk, doing dishes, folding laundry, longs drives – wherever!
In this first episode I cover three points:

1. The purpose of the podcast – how you will benefit from listening;
2. The podcast format – to give you an idea of what to expect when tuning in to future episodes;
3.  A bit about my own aromatic background and why Liz Fulcher should have a podcast on essential oils and aromatherapy!  

1. The Purpose of the Podcast
Audiobook concept. Headphones and books on white isolated backgrThe primary goal is to educate, inform and inspire you, the listener!  To give you another way to learn how to safely and effectively use aromatherapy and essential oils.  My goal is that at the end of every podcast, you will have learned something new, practical and useful that you can apply to your life and your work. 

 2. The Format of the Podcast Episodes
This could change as the podcast evolves, but for now, the plan is that each podcast episode will be either:

A “Learn with Liz” episode where I pick a topic that I feel is beneficial to you as Aromatherapists and essential oil users. 

A “Featured Guest” episode in which I have a guest that will enrich your knowledge in some way.  I’m really excited about having guests!  I certainly don’t know it all and having someone come in and share their knowledge will be awesome. I’ll be inviting industry colleagues, other educators, students, business owners, formulators, distillers, marketing experts and, really, anyone I can get to sit down with me and share something of interest that will benefit you, my listeners. 

Remember, this podcast is for YOU, the listener, so please feel free to share if there is something specific you’d like to learn.  You can write to me at, leave a comment below.  I recently did a survey with my students and newsletter subscribers that has helped me understand what sort of topics you’d like to learn, so that was helpful.  You can still take the survey here:

A Bit about me, Liz Fulcher, Aromatic Wisdom Podcast Host
I spent many years living in Rome, Italy where I was working for the United Nations. While in Rome, I had two sons, Davide and Gianluca.

When Gianluca was born in 1991, the nurses in the hospital where he was born invited me to give him a massage. They instructed me how to gently massage his tiny body and gave me the most amazing oil to use. It was an infusion of Calendula flowers with Roman Chamomile essential oil. I had never smelled anything so beautiful in my life and the soothing effect it had my son – and me for that matter – was remarkable.   I wrote a blog post about this experience called My Unusual Introduction to Essential Oils.

That experience opened a door that forever changed my life. It was when I began to study the chemistry of the essential oils that I really began to see the plant medicine at work with these powerful extracts.  My understanding and respect for their ability to heal (and harm – essential oils can also be dangerous) really deepened. I finally saw the science at work. 

In 1997 I began teaching aromatherapy at the Mt Nittany Institute of Natural Health in State College, PA and in 2010 I opened my own school in Selinsgrove, PA where I live, called the Aromatic Wisdom Institute.  Currently, all my classes are live but will be online as soon as I can master THAT technology. One miracle at a time.

Smell My Life
colorful smell background. To see similar, please VISIT MY GALLERY.
I will end every podcast episode with a segment called “Smell My Life”.  

Granted, it’s not a very sexy segment title but it IS funny.  In this segment, I’ll share some of my real life aromatic moments from the week.  

And there you have it.  My first podcast episode!  A little rough around the edges, but on its way and ready to grow!

Please let me know your thoughts…
What would you like to hear?
Who do you recommend as guests? 

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