Black Friday ShoppingIn the United States, Black Friday is the day immediately following our Thursday Thanksgiving celebration.  On this particular day, stores, both online and brick & mortar, offer tremendous discounts.  Personally, I dislike Black Friday for many reasons (like the crowds), but looking at it from a sales point of view, it can be one of your most profitable days of the year.  Even now, just 10 days before Black Friday, you are still in time to get in on the frenzy and make some significant sales. 


To that end, I offer …

7 easy social media ideas to help you boost business on this major selling event:

1. Facebook: On your Facebook business page (you do have one, right??), create a one day event highlighting 5 products at a deep discount.  Include photos of those products.

2. Twitter:  Use the hashtag #blackfriday to draw attention to your tweets.

3. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest:  Write a blog post in which you offer a weekend of Black Friday deep discounts, then share that post everywhere!

4. Facebook, Twitter: Offer a “no shipping” sale for Black Friday only. Use images like a big graphic with “ONE DAY ONLY – NO SHIPPING!”.  Images really pull in the visitors.

5. Pinterest:  Take lots of photographs of your products and post one a day, highlighting a Black Friday special. Link to your store.

6. Youtube: Make a short video (and I do mean short – 1 minute or less) in which you excitedly share a Black Friday special on your website.

7. All Platforms:  Offer one deep discount a day the week leading up to Black Friday with a special 50% off on the day of Black Friday.

This should keep you busy selling lots of products the week leading up to and the weekend of Black Friday.

And while everyone is lining up in front of the doors to get their big discounts, I’ll be eating pie and watching old movies.

What Black Friday promotions have you had success with?  Share in the comment section below!

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