Quickstart Guide to Choosing a Still ($37)

If you are curious about distilling plants for essential oils or hydrosols, or if you are ready to purchase a still, but unsure of what to buy, this class will demystify the equipment and the important information you need to know before investing one penny.  In this training, you will learn the six most important things to consider before purchasing your first (or fifth) still.
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Deep Dive into Rose Essential Oil ($37)

The Deep Dive series began in January 2021 with a bundle of 3 courses – Cypress, Juniper Berry, and Rose.

The Rose Deep Dive turned out to be one of my favorites because of how excited my student became when they learned about the multitude of different extractions and products that can be created from one flower!

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Clearing Energy with Essential Oils ($27)

Clearing Energy with Essential Oils is a self-paced training will teach you 12 essential oils that are effective for clearing negative energy, plus 3 simple methods of application for clearing.

You will also receive 7 Blessings and Aromatic Rituals for using the recommended essential oils.

Hydrosols for Health ($247)

Essential Oils for Respiratory Health

Deep Dive into Cypress Essential Oil

Deep Dive into Juniper Berry Essential Oil!