Professional Aromatherapy Education

Aromatherapy Certification


This 235-hour
hands-on course
will prepare you to
become professionally
qualified in the clinical use
of essential oils.

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Energetics of Essential Oils


Learn to use the subtle,
energetic qualities of essential oils
as an adjunct to
their physical properties.
Great for energy workers!

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Hydrosols for Health


Learn to use ancient aromatic
waters called hydrosols
for health, skin care and
as an awesomeingredient
in product making.

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Therapeutic Uses of EOs


This class is designed for
beginners and anyone who
wants to deepen their
knowledge of using
essential oils
for therapeutic application.

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Student Testimonials

Taking the Aromatherapy Certification Program at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute was one of the best things I’ve done for both my personal and professional development.

Liz Fulcher is a caring and knowledgeable instructor who made it easy and enjoyable to learn the chemistry of many of the oils I was already using. She supports her students before and after the course, and the boost in business I’ve received from her networking skills and mentoring in social media are well worth the investment I made in becoming certified.

I love being able to tell clients that I’m a certified aromatherapist and seeing the difference that makes in how they relate to me and my products!

Stephanie Ghostkeeper

Lola's Natural Alternatives

My recent completion of the ACP Training at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute was a life changing experience!
The incredible knowledge gained on the chemistry of the oils and personal blending with the oils, helped me get a better understanding of how to properly and safely use essential oils for their many therapeutic properties. I now have complete confidence on how to handle, blend, and use essential oils to help myself and others.  
One of the best parts of this course was being in a live classroom with Liz Fulcher.  I had considered doing an online course but after much thought I knew that I wanted and needed “hands-on” training. We experienced, experimented, and made products with about 48 different essential oils. In In class, we asked a lot of questions, were able to bounce ideas off of Liz and each other plus, and had a lot of fun! I’m so glad I made the choice to attend this live ACP training with Liz.  
I earned my Certificate in Aromatherapy and gained new friends who have the same passion for aromatherapy!
Robyn Cericola

Graduate, Aromatherapy Certification Program

The Aromatherapy Certification Program with Liz at Aromatic Wisdom Institute surpassed my expectations.  I entered the program uncertain on the proper use of essential oils and walked away with a knowledge base that I am using every day in my massage therapy practice.

The ACP course has given me the confidence to make recommendations to my clients that are within proper usage and safety guidelines.  The 235 hours program was time well spent as I now have a thorough knowledge of use, dilution, and therapeutic properties of the essential oils studied.  Liz had everything on hand that we needed including an amazing handbook that I continue to reference every day.   We were able to blend with dozens of oils and use accessories that I would not have had access to on my own.

I  have taken a variety of continuing education courses but found that when I study with others in a classroom and in a hands-on setting, I am more apt to retain and use the information learned.  I gained valuable insights from fellow students and Liz was very generous in sharing what I like to call “Liz wisdom”.  Liz brings a wealth of knowledge (and tons of fun) to the classroom from her 23+ years as an aromatherapist.   

This kind of learning cannot be duplicated from an online class!

Mim Miller

I took the Aromatherapy Certification Program with Liz Fulcher in 2012. After researching Aromatherapy classes for a few years, I decided the only way to go was in person so I could smell, feel and see the differences in the essential oils. This decision I feel was the absolute best thing I have done.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t pull out an essential oil to use in my daily massage practice. From clients with pain, headache, muscle spasm, gas, etc. I am able to blend a quick remedy and they are loving the benefit!
Liz knows the oils so well and is an amazing teacher. I cannot imagine finding a better teacher.  Thank you Liz!
Nancy Hill

Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Aroma Shoppe

The Aromatic Wisdom Blog

AWP Episode 013: The Two Worst Fall Allergens- Essential Oils to the Rescue! Play in new window | Download Welcome to the Aromatic Wisdom Podcast! Fall is infamous for triggering seasonal allergies.  But do you know what exactly is causing your body to be flooded with histamines, making your nose run and eyes itch?  Find out in today’s podcast episode!  Listen as I share in detail how ragweed and mold affect you and how to address the symptoms of their effect on your respiratory system. Resources and Links Mentioned in Today’s Show: Common Ragweed – Ambrosia artemisiifolia               Pompeii Organics Unscented Lotion Antihistamine Essential Oils German Chamomile – Matricaria recutita Blue Tansy – Tannacetum annum Suggested Decongestant Essential Oils Cardamom – Elettaria cardamomum Cypress – Cupressus sempervirens Cedarwood – Juniperus virginiana Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus globulus Juniper Berry – Juniperus communis Laurel leaf – Laurus nobilis Lavender – Lavendula angustifolia Peppermint – Mentha x piperita Ravintsara – Cinnamomun camphora ct. 1,8 cineole Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis ct. 1,8 cineole Scotch Pine – Pinus sylvestris Siberian Fir – Abies sibirica Spike Lavender – Lavendula latifolia Tea Tree – Melaleuca alternifolia     Related Posts:No Related...

AWP Episode 012: College Freshman Survival Kit Play in new window | Download  Welcome to this week’s episode of the Aromatic Wisdom Podcast! Going to college for the first time is an exciting new chapter in the life of any young person, but can also be laced with homesickness, stress, long hours on the computer and stinky roommates.  In this episode of the Aromatic Wisdom Podcast, Liz shares several blends, suggested single oils as well as various aromatherapy tools that can be put together in a nice kit to help any college freshman stay happy and healthy that first year in school.   Enjoy the podcast!  It is my sincere hope that you will feel inspired to explore essential oils deeper after listening and learn what is possible when for your health and well-being when you include aromatherapy into your life. Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Show: Blending Guidelines and Dilutions Transparent Travel Bags for your Freshman Survival Kit Essential Oil Diffusers for their dorm room or apartment Organic Aloe Vera Gel for a hand cleanser/sanitizer Click here to leave an iTunes review and subscribe to the show! I may just read yours on the air!  SMELL MY LIFE Each week I share an authentic aromatic experience from my life. It is my hope that these glimpses into how a veteran aromatherapist really lives inspires you to see the many ways essential oils can be added to your own life. This week I talk about how I cleaned the walls after moving furniture and even sprayed the metal bed frame with the blend. My bedroom now smells amazing!         Related Posts:AWP 016: Creating...

AWP Episode 011: Essential Oils for a Good Night’s Sleep Play in new window | Download  Welcome to the Aromatic Wisdom Podcast! In this week’s show I share five essential oils that will help you start to relax before bed and prepare you for sleep. Enjoy the podcast!  It is my sincere hope that you will feel inspired to explore essential oils deeper after listening and that you will see what’s possible for your health and well-being when you include aromatherapy into your life. Don’t forget to leave of review of the Aromatic Wisdom Podcast on iTunes! Five Essential Oils Recommended for Sleep 1. Lavender – Lavendula angustifolia 2. Marjoram – Origanum marjorana 3. Bergamot – Citrus bergamia 4. Roman Chamomile – Chamaemelum nobile 5. Vetiver – Vetiveria zizanoides Links and resources mentioned in today’s show     In this weeks Smell My Life, I share my unorthodox method of sprinkling essential oil over my mattress and bedsheets.         Related Posts:AWP 016: Creating a Sacred Space with Essential OilsAWP Episode 014: 1,8 Cineole Essential Oils for Respiratory HealthHow to Make a Nasal InhalerAWP Episode 012: College Freshman Survival KitAWP 008: 5 Reasons Every Aromatherapist Should Learn Essential Oil...

How to Review a Podcast in iTunes

WooHoo!!  After months of hard work and people begging for it, The Aromatic Wisdom Podcast is LIVE in iTunes.  I’ve created a detailed tutorial below for how to subscribe and review the podcast on your computer or on your iPhone/iPad. I truly, deeply appreciate your support. How to Review a Podcast in iTunes on Your Computer NOTE: If you are reviewing on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod see the instructions below. Step 1: Open my podcast within iTunes Click this link: (then click “view in iTunes” to open iTunes on your computer)   Once, you are in iTunes, you will see this page:   If you need to download iTunes to your computer, you can do so here: Step 2: Click the subscribe button   Step 3: Click the Ratings and Review tab   Step 4: Rate the podcast by selecting the number of stars (we appreciate all your 5-star reviews)   Step 5: Click “Write a Review” Button   Step 6:  Write a brief (1 to 3 sentences), honest review and submit   How to Subscribe and Review a Podcast in iTunes on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod The following instructions are shown on the iPad. The iTunes IOS app works the same way for all 3 devices. Only the size and placement may change. Step 1: Launch Apple’s Podcast app (download the app, if needed). Step 2: Search for “Aromatic Wisdom” Step 3: Tap the album art for the podcast. Step 4: Tap the Subscribe Button. Step 5: Tap on the Reviews tab. Step 6: Tap on the Write a Review at the bottom. (See image above) Step 7: Enter...

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