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What is “What’s in the Mix“?

What’s in the Mix is an exercise designed to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. Each question, a suggestion or a prompt was created to help you identify where you’re stuck, where you are flowing and where you need more education. Mostly, prompts are just fun!

About This Prompt 

Summer is almost over here in the U.S. (boo hoo), which means it’s back-to-school season. To prepare for those important but tedious study and homework sessions, what blend would you create to diffuse or inhale to help a student with focus? Maybe something to give your kids while they’re learning anything from the alphabet to algebra? How would you alter the blend based on age? What oils would help them stay alert, focused, and maybe even calm their anxious little minds?

Share your Story

Let’s teach and inspire each other! Share your blend in the comment section below. By sharing our stories, we might give someone a great idea for how to use a blend, and someone might give YOU a great idea. Who knows, maybe you’ll become inspired to create a new product or an entire product line from something that is sparked by this exercise.

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