How To Use Essential Oils For Clearing Negative Energy $9.97

What is negative energy, how does it affect you and your surrounds, what are the best oils to use and how can you use them?

Left along to accumulate, negative energy can create unsettled and uncomfortable feelings like depression, anxiety, irritability, and even poor health. Using essential oils + hydrosols, affirmations and blessings, makes it very easy to clear away negative energy and replace it with life-affirming, clean, fresh and vibrant energy!  You will feel more calm and balanced as will those around you. This ebook will show you how!

Create Your Aromatherapy Vision Board $9.97

Manifest your dreams and set your intentions with the help of essential oils!

Learn how to create a vision board for your aromatic life and business. Discover what tools you will need to get started, what kind of vision board is right for you and what essential oils to use to help set your intentions so you can manifest the life of your dreams. Includes a bonus checklist!

Green Cleaning with Essential Oils $47

My first online product and it’s already VERY popular!  Learn the dangers of using commercial cleaning products and some natural, non-toxic and healthy alternatives through the Green Cleaning Guide, webinar slides, audio teaching and video tutorials!