Have you ever walked into a room after two people have been fighting and feel as if the tension in the air could be cut with a knife?

That's negative energy!

Learn how to clear that and any other form of negativity from your home, work, office, or anywhere else that's poluted.

This Ebook reveals...

How To Use Essential Oils To Clear Negative Energy From Your Environment...

  • How essential oils work to clear negative energy
  • 3 proven methods for energetic clearing
  • What the 12 best essential oils are for doing energetic work
  • 7 powerful and easy-to-make recipes along with rituals, blessings and affermations to amplify and set your intentions
  • Blank worksheets to document your own blends on
  • All this for only $9.97!
"Being an energy worker I know the importance of clearing blocked and low vibrational energy. Liz's E-book "How to Use Essential Oils to Clear Negative Energy" is clear, concise and packed with useful information and blends. I know I will use the blessing blends and affirmations time and time again. The combination of Liz's knowledge and heart centeredness makes for a book everyone can use and enjoy..." Bonnie Harrison, RN, CHTP, CA