The first days of a new year feel wonderful, don’t they?   There is a “clean slate” sense to this time of year that feels like a chance to begin something new! 

By now, you have probably given some thought to how you’d like to grow this year, perhaps in the areas of personal health, financial growth and stability or clearing clutter.

But what about your aromatic goals for 2012?  Have you stopped to consider how you would like to grow as an aromatherapist this year?   No desire is too small or too great.  Please share in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Below you’ll find a brief list of some areas of aromatherapy – from beginner to expert – where you might wish to grow in 2012.   Remember, no desire is too small or too great.  If any of the suggestions below resonate with you, that is a whisper from Spirit helping you move in the direction of your dreams!


  • Take a beginners class to finally learn more about essential oils 
  • Launch your own aromatic product line 
  • Step out in the community with one-hour aromatherapy talks at the local Rotary, Kuwanis, library, church, schools, etc.

  • Integrate essential oils into your current bodywork or other healthcare practice 
  • Become a Professionally Certified Aromatherapist

  • Join a professional aromatherapy organization such as NAHA or AIA

  • Discover how to make therapeutic blends for your family medicine cabinet

  • Start a blog on aromatherapy and essential oils or other topic on natural living

  • Clear out toxic cleaning products at home and make your own natural cleaners

  • Learn how to use essential oils energetically to affect the subtle energy centers

  • Open a private aromatherapy consultation practice

Please leave a comment below on how YOU plan on stretching yourself in the area of aromatherapy in 2012!


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