Yes, it's the day AFTER Thanksgiving, but this quip will give us all a springboard to be proactive in keeping FIT during the entire holiday season.

With more than 20 years of essential oil experience and education, you’d think I’d have all the tools in place for business success.  After all, I've had my own line of essential oils for 14 years, spent over 10 years on the faculty of a respected institute for natural health as Director of Aromatherapy Studies and recently opened an aromatherapy school.

So, lets take a look at my Business Success Checklist from earlier this year:


Hard Work?  Check!  I’ve never been afraid of going the extra mile or putting in long hours.

  2. Passion for my subject?  Check!  Just ask anyone who is in a hurry and asks me to explain the different species of Lavender. They're not going anywhere for awhile…
  3. Knowledge about my subject?   Check!  Twenty years of experience and a gazillion dollars in top education says so.

  4. Mentor to teach me how to apply all the above for business success?  Uh…WHAT??  Nope!

Enter Sandi Krakowski.  A pink-haired, deeply passionate, millionaire mompreneur and business leader.

In May of this year I began coaching with Sandi, the owner of A Real Change, Ltd. (  After all, without a competent leader, even the most passionate scout can get lost in the woods.  In this case, the business woods.

As a result of my work with Sandi, things are moving much faster in my fragrant business life.  Keep watching the Aromatic Wisdom Institute website!  In the coming months you’ll see a lot of growth – features designed to educate, inspire and challenge you!  My goal is to make each of you a highly creative and successful aromatherapist!

Here's a good place for you to start!!  Sandi has just published a fabulous new book called “Read Their Minds".  This book will help you understand what the marketplace wants and how you can give it to them.  If you're trying to build a business, this book is for you!  In typical generous Sandi Krakowski fashion, it is FREE!  She’s only charging for shipping. CLICK HERE to Read Their Minds!

Now,  if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grab my copy of Sandi’s book, a highlighter, a bottle of Rosemary (for mental retention) and plow through it for a second time!

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